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Ausgewählte Schriften zu Wahlen und Abstimmungen

Hrsg. u. übers. v. Joachim Behnke, Carolin Stange u. Reinhard Zintl
[Condorcet. Selected Writings on the Theory of Decision-Making and the Application of Mathematics.]
2011. XI, 220 pages.
Published in German.
  • cloth
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  • 978-3-16-148688-3
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Condorcet's »Essai sur l'application de l'analyse à la Probabilité des Décisions rendues à la Pluralité des voix« is one of the groundbreaking pieces of what later became welfare theory in general and social choice theory in particular. The work of modern classics such as those written by Duncan Black, Kenneth Arrow or Thomas Schelling rests on the foundations laid by Condorcet. However, Condorcet's work is often mentioned but seldomly read. This leads to a deplorably selective reception of his thought. The translation presented here is meant to give German-speaking readers an opportunity to obtain some first-hand insight into Condorcet's contribution.

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