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Hans-Jürgen Hellwig

Berufsrecht und Berufsethik der Anwaltschaft in Deutschland und Europa

Herausgegeben von Caspar Behme u. Friedrich Graf von Westphalen
[The Professional Law and Ethics Governing German and European Advocates.]
2015. IX, 306 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-154332-6
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This collection of selected essays by Hans-Jürgen Hellwig deals with the German and European regulation of the legal profession and professional ethics standards for lawyers. In recent years, these essays have significantly shaped the development of both areas. Their common thread is the fundamental relationship of such laws and standards to the concept of freedom. Indeed, this relationship has markedly defined our perception of today's lawyer, the contours of which are not only to be maintained, but further developed and expanded upon.