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Jewish Studies

Aharon Oppenheimer

Between Rome and Babylon

Studies in Jewish Leadership and Society
Ed. by Nili Oppenheimer

[Zwischen Rom und Babylon. Historische Untersuchungen zu jüdischer Kultur, Gesellschaft und deren Führung.]

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ISBN 978-3-16-148514-5
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Published in English.
This collection of papers by Aharon Oppenheimer contributes to the ongoing discussion of the history of the Jews in Palestine and Babylonia in the period of the Mishnah and the Talmud. Most of the papers appear now for the first time in translation from Hebrew. All of them have been selected and edited to suit this collection, and cross-references as well as indices have been added.
Between Rome and Babylon includes over thirty papers by Aharon Oppenheimer about Jewish life in Palestine and Babylonia in the period of the Mishnah and the Talmud (1st-4th centuries), dealing with leadership and society, political and military activity, relations with the authorities and historical geography.
The collection is organized around three inter-connected themes: 1 Roman Palestine and its Environs; 2 The Bar Kokhba Revolt; 3 Babylonia Judaica. About two-thirds of the papers were originally published in Hebrew. They have been selected and edited for this collection, and translated for the first time into English or German. The rest of the papers originally appeared in various different languages and contexts, and they too have been selected and edited to fit the three themes. Cross-references have been added, as well as detailed indices. The aim of the papers is to cast light on Jewish history by extracting methodically historical meaning from Talmudic sources, taking into account when they were written, where they were edited, and how far they can be presumed authentic; and by looking at them in combination with Greek, Roman, Persian and Arabic written sources as well as relevant archaeological finds.

Aharon Oppenheimer Born 1940; 1993–2000 editor of »Zion – a quarterly for research in Jewish history«; 1996–2000 Sir Isaac Wolfson Professor of Jewish Studies at Tel Aviv University; currently Professor emeritus of Jewish History at Tel Aviv University.

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