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Pia Wirtz

Beweislasten im Verwaltungsrecht

Eine Untersuchung zur Verteilung der materiellen Beweislast und der Geltung formeller Beweislasten unter dem Untersuchungsgrundsatz
[The Burden of Proof in Administrative Law. A Study of the Allocation of the Substantive Burden of Proof and the Validity of Formal Burdens of Proof under the Principle of Judicial Investigation.]
2024. XII, 258 pages.
DOI 10.1628/978-3-16-163509-0
Published in German.
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Being right and winning are two very different things, even in administrative law. Pia Wirtz examines the consequences of the inability to clarify facts in administrative law proceedings. At the same time, she deals with the distribution of responsibility for providing the facts under the principle of investigation.

Beiträge zum Verwaltungsrecht (BVwR)