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Claus Luttermann

Bilanzrecht in den USA und internationale Konzernrechnungslegung

[Accounting and Reporting Law in the USA and International Business Law. By Claus Luttermann.]
1999. IX, 149 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-147262-6
Harmonization of financial reporting has become an important issue in international business law. In this field, it is the USA with its GAAP (general accepted accounting principles) which plays a dominant role, and the accounting of multinational groups demonstrates this. In general, the aim of all concerned is to make the world's securities market safer and more efficient for investors. However the lack of knowledge regarding accounting procedures in the USA has made it difficult to establish international standards in this area. In his work, seen from the angle of comparative law, the author presents a critical analysis of the GAAP in the USA and refers to international accounting and reporting as a specific field of law.