Eric C. Moore

Claiming Places

Reading Acts through the Lens of Ancient Colonization

[Orte beanspruchen. Die Apostelgeschichte aus der Perspektive antiker Kolonisation lesen.]

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In this study, Eric C. Moore examines Acts of the Apostles against the backdrop of colonization in the ancient Mediterranean world. He shows how common cultural beliefs concerning the foundation of new communities shape Luke's account as well.
How is Acts of the Apostles – its form and features – to be understood in light of the work's ancient Mediterranean cultural context? In the present study, Eric C. Moore offers a fresh response to this much-debated question, arguing for the utility of ancient colonization as an analytic lens for reading Acts, a story about the origins and replication of early Christianity. He explores how in narrating his account, Luke draws on a common stock of »foundation« motifs employed by ancient sources, textual and material alike, to glorify community beginnings.

Eric C. Moore Born 1976; MDiv from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Biblical Studies); ThM from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Biblical Studies); PhD in New Testament from Emory University; currently Adjunct Professor of New Testament at Candler School of Theology, Emory University, and Interdenominational Theological Center.


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