Alan Mugridge

Copying Early Christian Texts

A Study of Scribal Practice

[Die Vervielfältigung frühchristlicher Texte. Eine Untersuchung der Praxis des Abschreibens.]

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Published in English.
In this volume, Alan Mugridge examines all extant Christian literary papyri written in Greek, up until AD 400, and analyzes a comparative set of papyri with similarities to the Christian ones. He also includes a catalogue of all the manuscripts contained in the study, with references to further literature and available plates or images, as well as cross-reference indices to other such catalogues.
It is widely believed that the early Christians copied their texts themselves without a great deal of expertise, and that some copyists introduced changes to support their theological beliefs. In this volume, however, Alan Mugridge examines all of the extant Greek papyri bearing Christian literature up to the end of the 4th century, as well as several comparative groups of papyri, and concludes that, on the whole, Christian texts, like most literary texts in the Roman world, were copied by trained scribes. Professional Christian scribes probably became more common after the time of Constantine, but this study suggests that in the early centuries the copyists of Christian texts in Greek were normally trained scribes, Christian or not, who reproduced those texts as part of their trade and, while they made mistakes, copied them as accurately as any other texts they were called upon to copy.

Alan Mugridge Born 1952; 1981–84 church minister; 1987–92 lecturer at St. Philip's Theological College, Kongwa, Tanzania (East Africa); 1993–2003 lecturer in New Testament, since 2004 Senior Lecturer in New Testament at Sydney Missionary and Bible College; 2010 PhD.


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