Covenant and Election in Exilic and Post-Exilic Judaism 978-3-16-154036-3 - Mohr Siebeck

Covenant and Election in Exilic and Post-Exilic Judaism

Studies of the Sofja Kovalevskaja Research Group on Early Jewish MonotheismVol. V
Ed. by Nathan MacDonald

[Bund und Erwählung im exilischen und nach-exilischen Judentum. Studien der Sofja- Kovalevskaja Forschungsgruppe zu frühjüdischem Monotheismus Band V.]

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Covenant and election are two central theological ideas in the Hebrew Bible, and in subsequent Jewish and Christian theology. The studies in this volume examine these ideas across the Hebrew Bible and show how they were shaped and refined under the conditions of national disaster and rebuilding.
Covenant and election are two theological concepts that dominate the landscape of the Hebrew Bible. If they became the main structuring concepts of the Hebrew Bible, they were not so from the beginning. Their centrality was the result of their utilization by exilic and post-exilic scribes and tradents to focus Israel's traditions into a coherent structure as fitted the revelation of one God. The essays in this collection examine covenant and election across the biblical literature, from the priestly document through Deuteronomy to Jeremiah and the book of Chronicles. They show how the ideas were shaped and refined under the conditions of national disaster and rebuilding.
Survey of contents
Nathan MacDonald: Introduction – Matthias Köckert: Gottes »Bund« mit Abraham und die »Erwählung« Israels in Genesis 17 – Christoph Koch: Bundestheologie und autoritativer Text im Deuteronomium: Das Tafelmotiv in Deuteronomium 5.9–10 vor dem Hintergrund altorientalischer Vertragspraxis – Anselm C. Hagedorn: Covenant, Election, and War in Deuteronomy 7 – Stephen B. Chapman: The Covenant God of Israel: Joshua 8, Divine Concession, and Jesus – Karin Finsterbusch: Auszugs-Bund, neuer Bund und weitere Bünde: »Berit« im älteren (hebräische Vorlage LXX-Jer) und im jüngeren Jeremiabuch (MT-Jer) – Sebastian Grätz: Bund und Erwählung in Esra-Nehemia – Gary N. Knoppers: Judah, Levi, David, Solomon, Jerusalem, and the Temple: Election and Covenant in Chronicles – Matthew J. Lynch: The Davidic Covenant and Institutional Integration in Chronicles

Nathan MacDonald Born 1975; studied theology and classical Hebrew in Cambridge and Durham; currently University Lecturer in Hebrew Bible at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of St John's College.


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