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Józef Sobolewski

Darlegung islamischen Glaubens und Lebens: Eine Anleitung zu religiöser Unterweisung

Ed. by Stefan Schreiner
[Presentation of Islamic Faith and Life: An Islamic Manual of Religious Instruction.]
2024. Approx. 160 pages.
forthcoming in September 2024
Published in German.
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  • forthcoming
  • 978-3-16-163511-3
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Stefan Schreiner offers an annotated translation of an Islamic catechism ( Ilmihal ) printed in Vilnius in 1830 and written by Józef Sobolewski, a Polish-Lithuanian Muslim and judge in Nowogródek (today: Navahrudak, Belarus), who followed the Hanafi school of law and the Māturīdī school of theology.

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