Das Konzept des geistlichen Gehorsams bei Johannes Sinaites 978-3-16-158647-7 - Mohr Siebeck

Andreas Müller

Das Konzept des geistlichen Gehorsams bei Johannes Sinaites

Zur Entwicklungsgeschichte eines Elements orthodoxer Konfessionskultur

[The Concept of Spiritual Obedience in the Klimax of Johannes Sinaites. The Historical Development of an Element of Orthodox Konfessionskultur.]

unrevised e-book edition 2020; Original edition 2006 2006. XIV, 496 pages.

Studien und Texte zu Antike und Christentum / Studies and Texts in Antiquity and Christianity 37

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Published in German.
Andreas Müller describes how charismatic authority began to play an important role especially in the eastern christian tradition. He analyzes corresponding statements of the Klimax of Johannes Sinaites (6th c.) and compares them with texts of Pachomios, Basileios of Kaisareia and the Apophthegmata patrum.
In Christianity, charismatic authority still plays a key role, especially in the traditions of the Eastern Church. Charisma in relation to the ministry has always been judged to be positive, in particular in Protestant patristics. However the drawbacks of this, such as the demand for absolute obedience, were hardly noticed. Andreas Müller describes how this demand was integrated into a »spiritual system« in the 6th century and how obedience to »spiritual fathers« became necessary for salvation. In doing so, he analyzes the Klimax by Johannes Sinaites, in which Johannes countered the authoritarian concepts in the Emperor Justinian's legislation. A comparison of the concept of obedience in the Climax with those in the works of Pachomios, Basileios the Great and the Apophthegmata Patrum demonstrates the approach of Johannes Sinaites.

For this study, the author was awarded the habilitation prize of the University Society of Munich.

Andreas Müller Geboren 1966; Studium der ev. Theologie in Bethel, Bern (CH), Heidelberg und Thessaloniki (GR); 1998 Promotion; 2003 Habilitation; z.Zt. Vertretungsprofessur für Kirchengeschichte an der Universität Jena.


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