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Das selbstgeschaffene Recht der Wirtschaft

Zum Gedenken an Hans Großmann-Doerth (1894–1944)
Herausgegeben von Uwe Blaurock, Nils Goldschmidt u. Alexander Hollerbach
[The Self-produced Law of the Business Community. In Memory of Hans Großmann-Doerth (1894–1944)]
2005. 123 pages.
Published in German.
  • sewn paper
  • available
  • 978-3-16-148653-1
The purpose of this volume is to remember the life and works of Hans Großmann-Doerth. In addition to introductory comments about his relationship to the Freiburg School, it contains the first comprehensive biographical portrayal as well as a systematic analysis of central questions.

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