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Markus Kobler

Der Staat und die Eigentumsrechte

Institutionelle Qualität und wirtschaftliche Entwicklung
[Property Rights and the State. Institutional Quality and Economic Development. By Markus Kobler.]
1999. X, 309 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-147204-6
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Markus Kobler deals with an economic analysis of property and contract rights as the rules shaping human behavior in economics. His approach offers new insights to the widely discussed, but only incompletely understood topic of institutions. The author places special emphasis on attempting to define what are efficient property and contract rights (the 'institutional quality'), and shows how institutional quality has a positive impact on economic development. Furthermore, an original approach for analyzing the determinants of institutional quality with regard to the state's power and its commitment is developed, and then linked to income and wealth distribution as well as freedom of information. Finally, an extended empirical analysis for the theoretical presumptions concludes the book.

Die Einheit der Gesellschaftswissenschaften (EdG)