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Der Terrorist als Feind?

Personalisierung im Polizei- und Völkerrecht
Edited by Andreas Kulick and Michael Goldhammer
[The Terrorist as the Enemy? The Strategy of Personalization and How it Challenges Legal Standards.]
2020. VIII, 286 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-158982-9
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Countering terrorist threats requires personalization; yet where international anti-terrorism relies on a friend-enemy paradigm, domestic standards, especially those in the tradition of the German Rechtsstaat, would usually shun such a strategy. This collection of essays aims to help bridge the gap in domestic and international counter-terrorism measures by encouraging dialogue that faces the phenomenon of personalization head on.

Beiträge zum Sicherheitsrecht und zur Sicherheitspolitik (SRSP)