Deuteronomy and the Emergence of Textual Authority in Jeremiah 978-3-16-154402-6 - Mohr Siebeck

Nathan Mastnjak

Deuteronomy and the Emergence of Textual Authority in Jeremiah

[Deuteronomium und die Entstehung von Textautorität in Jeremia.]

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Was there a shift in the perspective on Deuteronomy's authority in Jeremiah? Nathan Mastnjak analyzes the various ways that the book of Jeremiah interpreted Deuteronomy. By examining the nature of literary allusion and textual authority, he traces a development in the perspective on Deuteronomy from the earliest traditions in Jeremiah to the latest.
The close relationship between Jeremiah and Deuteronomy has stood near the center of Jeremiah scholarship for over a century. Nathan Mastnjak brings new light to this phenomenon by subjecting every credible allusion to Deuteronomy in Jeremiah to detailed analysis with particular attention to interpretative processes and the dynamics of authority. By locating each allusion in the history of the composition of the book, the author traces a discernible shift in the perspective on Deuteronomy's authority. While early texts in Jeremiah allude to Deuteronomy as merely one prestigious literary work among others, it emerges as a religious textual authority in the later layers. These later layers construct and deploy Deuteronomy as an authority but are simultaneously constrained to transform it in the interest of religious innovation.

Nathan Mastnjak Born 1983; 2015 PhD, with honors, University of Chicago; currently Postdoctoral Fellow in Indiana University's Borns Jewish Studies Program.


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