Nathan MacDonald

Deuteronomy and the Meaning of »Monotheism«

[Das Deuteronomium und die Bedeutung des 'Monotheismus'. 2., korrigierte Auflage.]

2nd, corrected edition; 2012. XIII, 271 pages.

Forschungen zum Alten Testament 2. Reihe 1

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»This is one of the most significant and exciting books of biblical theology I have read for some time, illustrating how the Bible can come to life when critical attention is paid to the contemporary context of its interpretation.«
Philipp Jenson in Themelios, Vol. 29 (2004), No. 2, 56–57
Nathan MacDonald examines the term 'monotheism' and its appropriateness as a category for analysing the Old Testament. He traces the use of 'monotheism' since its coinage in 1660 and argues that its use in Old Testament scholarship frequently reflects a narrowed, intellectualistic conception of religion.

Nathan MacDonald Born 1975; studied theology and classical Hebrew in Cambridge and Durham; currently University Lecturer in Hebrew Bible at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of St John's College.


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