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Die evangelischen Kirchenordnungen des XVI. Jahrhunderts

Siebzehnter Band: Baden-Württemberg III: Südwestdeutsche Reichsstädte. 1. Teilband: Schwäbisch Hall, Heilbronn, Konstanz, Isny und Gengenbach
Begr. v. Emil Sehling. Bearb. v. Sabine Arend
[The Protestant Church Orders in the 16th Century. Volume 17. Baden Württemberg III: Southwest German Imperial Cities. 1st Section: Schwäbisch Hall, Heilbronn, Konstanz, Isny and Gengenbach.]
2007. XV, 615 pages.
Published in German.
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With the establishment of the Reformation in a territory or an imperial city, the regional rulers and the city authorities had to provide their communities with various new systems in order to regulate the broad spectrum of church life.