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Emil Sehling

Die evangelischen Kirchenordnungen des XVI. Jahrhunderts

Zwanzigster Band: Elsass. 1. Teilband: Straßburg
Begr. v. Emil Sehling. fortgef. v. d. Heidelberger Akademie d. Wiss., hrsg. v. Eike Wolgast. Bearb. v. Gerald Dörner
[The Protestant Church Ordinances of 16th Century. Volume 20: Alsace. Part One: The Imperial City of Strasbourg.]
2011. XII, 735 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-150684-0
This first part of the volume on Alsace contains the church ordinances of the imperial city of Strasbourg in the years between 1523 and 1617.