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Die evangelischen Kirchenordnungen des XVI. Jahrhunderts

Zehnter Band: Hessen III. Die Grafschaften Nassau, Hanau-Münzenberg und Ysenburg
Begr. v. Emil Sehling. Hrsg. v. Eike Wolgast. Bearb. v. Sabine Arend
[The Protestant Church Ordinances of the Sixteenth Century. Volume 10: Hesse III. The Counties of Nassau, Hanau-Münzenberg, and Ysenburg.]
2012. XIV, 741 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-152212-3
This volume continues the edition of documents through which church and society were restructured in the sixteenth century. After two volumes containing the church ordinances of the territories and imperial cities in what is now Hesse were published in 1965 and then in 2011, this volume completes the region of Hesse.