Lucas Reinert

Die Gnadenquartalsregelung

Die Folgen des Todes eines niedergelassenen Arztes. Eine Untersuchung der zivil-, berufs- und vertragsarztrechtlichen Grundlagen
[The »Mercy Quarter » Rule. When Licensed Physicians Die. An Examination of the Foundations of Civil, Professional and Contractual Medical Law.]
2023. XXIX, 361 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-162297-7
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The »mercy quarter« in German medical law describes the temporary continuation of a deceased physician's practice by their heirs. Lucas Reinert examines the current inconsistent legal handling and unconvincing framework for such situations, proposing a legislative draft that also regulates cases where deceased doctors were members of a medical cooperation.

Studien zum Medizin- und Gesundheitsrecht (MGR)