Mathias M. Siems

Die Konvergenz der Rechtssysteme im Recht der Aktionäre

Ein Beitrag zur vergleichenden Corporate Governance in Zeiten der Globalisierung

[The Convergence of Legal Systems in Shareholder Law. A Study of Comparative Corporate Governance in the Era of Globalization]

unveränderte eBook-Ausgabe 2022; Orginalausgabe 2005; 2005. XXV, 572 pages.

Beiträge zum ausländischen und internationalen Privatrecht 80

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Published in German.
Mathias M. Siems takes a look at how to approach increasing convergence and internationalization in company law.
The words globalization, internationalization and Europeanization are currently seen and heard everywhere. Thus, it is also often claimed that national legal systems come closer and closer together. Advocates of the counterhypothesis however maintain that convergence of legal systems is neither realistic nor necessary. Mathias M. Siems takes a look at how to approach this issue in shareholder law. First, he deals with the company law of Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the USA, Japan and China. Second, he analyzes economical and political factors, which might (or might not) lead to convergence. Finally, he assesses this development.

Mathias M. Siems Geboren 1974; 2000 Promotion; 2001 LL.M. in Edinburgh; 2004 Habilitation; 2005 Associate Professor an der Riga Graduate School of Law.


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