Die ökonomischen Institutionen des Kapitalismus 978-3-16-345433-0 - Mohr Siebeck

Oliver E. Williamson

Die ökonomischen Institutionen des Kapitalismus

Unternehmen, Märkte, Kooperationen
Aus d. Amerik. v. Monika Streissler

[The Economic Institutions of Capitalism. Firms, Markets, Relational Contracting.]

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ISBN 978-3-16-345433-0
Published in German.
The Economic Institutions of Capitalism. Firms, Markets, Relational Contracting. By Oliver E. Williamson. The German translation of the American original introduces transaction costs economics to the German speaking public. The translation is a slightly shortened version (chapter 9, 10 and 13 of the original are left out) of the original.
It is Oliver E. Williamson's theory that people behave rationally to a limited extent only and tend to act in their own interests. He shows how post-contractual problems can arise within the framework of relationship-specific dealings, which are subject to a great deal of environmental uncertainty and require specific investments. In order to cope with these problems, capitalist economic systems provide numerous institutions and coordination mechanisms whose efficiency is examined.
Williamson studies economic transactions from an economic, legal and organizational perspective. He differentiates between the individual frequency. In doing so, he assigns the most efficient, i.e. the most cost-effective form of coordination to each type of transaction. The structuring, the monitoring of corporations and issues in antitrust law) as well as highly significant empirical evidence attest to its practical importance.

Oliver E. Williamson Oliver E. Williamson: Geboren 1932; Studium in Stanford; 1963 Ph.D. an der Carnegie-Mellon University (Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania); seit 1988 Professor of Economics and Corporate Strategy an der University of California, Berkeley.

Monika Streissler Dr. rer.pol., wissenschaftliche Übersetzerin u.a. von Hauptwerken von Becker, Galbraith, Hayek, Olson, North und Williamson.


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