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Die politischen Parteien als Mittler der Demokratie

Les partis politiques, médiateurs de la démocratieDokumentation des 10. Treffens des Deutsch-Französischen Gesprächskreises für Öffentliches Recht 2021
Edited by Johannes Masing, Matthias Jestaedt, Olivier Jouanjan and David Capitant
[The Political Parties as Mediators of Democracy. Documentation of the Tenth Meeting of the German-French Public Law Discussion Group in 2021.]
2024. VIII, 153 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-162782-8
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The contributions from the tenth meeting of the German-French public law discussion group in 2021 deal with the role of political parties as mediators of democracy from German, French and European perspectives.