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Die Seele im Kosmos

Porphyrios, Über die Nymphengrotte in der Odyssee
Edited by Manuel Baumbach
[The Soul in the Cosmos. Porphyry's On the Cave of Nymphs in the Odyssey.]
2019. XII, 188 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-156933-3
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Homer's puzzling description of a cave of nymphs leads Porphyry to a fascinating interpretation setting out the journey of souls in the cosmos, answering questions about their immortality, and providing insights into the intelligible world. Alongside the text and an annotated translation, this volume offers four interpretative essays from different disciplinary perspectives.

Scripta Antiquitatis Posterioris ad Ethicam REligionemque pertinentia (SAPERE)