Michael Rodi

Die Subventionsrechtsordnung

Die Subvention als Instrument öffentlicher Zweckverwirklichung nach Völkerrecht, Europarecht und deutschem innerstaatlichem Recht
[The Legal System as it Pertains to Subsidies. The Subsidy as a Means of Achieving Public Goals in International Law, European Community Law and German National Law. By Michael Rodi.]
2000. XXXVIII, 845 pages.
DOI 10.1628/978-3-16-158088-8
Published in German.
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Subsidies are an important policy instrument for pursuing public goals not only on a local and national level but in the European Union as well. Different fields of law determine mode and content of the subsidy ranging from local law, budgetary law, constitutional law, European community law to world economy law (GATT/WTO). Starting with the function of subsidies, Michael Rodi demonstrates that in spite of that variety there are comparable legal problems on all levels when determining the purpose of the subsidy, planning the program, reaching the goal and monitoring its success.

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