Nicholas Otto

Die Vielfalt unionaler Rechtsetzungsverfahren

Eine verfassungs- und verfahrenstheoretische Rekonstruktion der Funktions- und Organisationslogiken des Rechtsetzungsverfahrensrechts der Europäischen Union
[The Diversity of the Legislative Process in the European Union. A Reconstruction of the Functional and Organizational Logics of the Legislative Process in the European Union from the Perspective of Constitutional and Procedural Theory.]
2022. XVII, 353 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-161088-2
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The constitutional law of the European Union is characterised by an extremely diverse procedural law for the adoption of binding legal acts. Nicholas Otto examines the structural decisions and underlying concepts to which the categorial, institutional and procedural differences between the various types of procedure can be ascribed.

Jus Internationale et Europaeum (JusIntEu)