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Die Wiederbelebung eines »Nicht-Ereignisses«?

Das Grundgesetz und die Verfassungsdebatten von 1989 bis 1994. Eine Veröffentlichung aus dem Arbeitskreis für Rechtswissenschaft und Zeitgeschichte an der Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur, Mainz
Herausgegeben von Kerstin Brückweh
[The Revival of a »Non-Event«? The Basic Law and the Constitutional Debates from 1989 to 1994.]
2024. XIX, 338 pages.
DOI 10.1628/978-3-16-163514-4
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-163514-4
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The unification of the two German states in 1990 forms a central moment in German history and leads to a crucial question: Why was the West German Basic Law not replaced by an all-German constitution? Does this reflect a lack of interest on the part of »the« West Germans – as has recently been assumed again? What other reasons can be given? These questions are explored in the contributions to this volume across East and West as well as across generations and disciplines. Linked to this is the question of what stories we tell about our constitution and what can be told from them about German history.