Scott C. Ryan

Divine Conflict and the Divine Warrior

Listening to Romans and Other Jewish Voices

[Göttlicher Konflikt und göttlicher Krieger. Römerbrief und andere jüdische Stimmen.]

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Scott C. Ryan investigates divine conflict motifs in select Jewish literature and places the findings in dialogue with Paul's Letter to the Romans. Paul emerges as a writer who participates in Jewish divine conflict traditions even as he modifies the motifs in light of the Christ-event.
In this study, Scott C. Ryan situates Paul's letter to the Romans as one voice among a number of Jewish voices that frame God as a divine warrior. He first investigates motifs related to divine conflict in Exodus 14–15, Amos, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel 7–12, along with 1 Enoch, Psalms of Solomon, Wisdom of Solomon, the War Scroll, and 4 Ezra. The author then places Romans in dialogue with the works of Paul's predecessors and near contemporaries. When Romans and these Jewish texts are placed alongside one another, Paul emerges as a writer who participates in Jewish divine conflict traditions. The apostle maintains Israel's eschatological hope in a warring deity even as he modifies that image in light of God's action in the Christ-event.

Scott C. Ryan Born 1981; 2003 BA from Gardner-Webb University; 2008 M.Div. and 2009 Th.M. from Duke University Divinity School; 2017 PhD in Religion/Biblical Studies from Baylor University; currently serves as the Wabash Fellow in Religion in the Department of Religion at Baylor University in Waco, TX.


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