Early Christian Authors on Samaritans and Samaritanism 978-3-16-147831-4 - Mohr Siebeck

Reinhard Pummer

Early Christian Authors on Samaritans and Samaritanism

Texts, Translations and Commentary

[Zeugnisse frühchristlicher Autoren über die Samaritaner und ihre Religion. Texte, Übersetzungen und Kommentare. Von Reinhard Pummer.]

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Published in English.
Samaritanism is an outgrowth of Early Judaism that came into being in the 2nd/1st centuries B.C. and has survived until today. Reinhard Pummer edits, translates into English and comments on early Christian texts that help us to get to know and understand the history, practices and beliefs of this religious community.
Samaritanism is an outgrowth of Early Judaism that has survived until today. Its origin as a separate religious entity can be traced back to the 2nd/1st centuries B.C.E. Samaritans were found not only in their core-area in and around Shechem-Neapolis (modern Nablus) and on neighboring Mount Gerizim, but also in other parts of Palestine as well as in various other Mediterranean countries. Oppression at the hand of Jews, Christians and Muslims decimated the Samaritan population and obliterated all Samaritan manuscripts written prior to the 10th/11th centuries C.E. For the early period of Samaritanism we must therefore rely on Christian authors. Reinhard Pummer edits Christian Greek and Latin texts about Samaritans and their beliefs and practices, dating from the second century C.E. to the Arab conquests. The passages are quoted in their original language and translated into English. In addition, they are commented on and analyzed in view of their significance for our knowledge of Samaritanism within the wider framework of early Judaism and Christianity.

Reinhard Pummer Born 1938; 1967–2004 Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Ottawa, Canada; currently Professor Emeritus, Department of Classics and Religious Studies, University of Ottawa, Canada.


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