Alessandro Falcetta

Early Christian Teachers

The 'Didaskaloi' from Their Origins to the Middle of the Second Century

[Frühchristliche Lehrer. Die 'Didaskaloi' von ihren Ursprüngen bis zur Mitte des zweiten Jahrhunderts.]

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Were the 'didaskaloi' tradents of the Jesus material and therefore guarantors of the historical reliability of the Gospels? And why was their fate so different from that of the rabbis? Alessandro Falcetta tackles these and other challenging questions in his study of one of the most intriguing groups in early Christianity – its teachers – and, by surveying all the earliest sources mentioning them, unveils the first century of their history.
The teachers of early Christianity were one of its most intriguing groups and appear to have been the equivalent of the Jewish rabbis or pagan philosophers. By examining all the earliest sources mentioning the 'didaskaloi', Alessandro Falcetta sheds light on the first hundred years of their history, tackling questions such as why their fate was so different from that of the rabbis, and whether they were tradents of the Jesus material and therefore guarantors of the Gospels' historic reliability. By relating teachers to apostles, prophets and bishops, the author enriches our knowledge of the structure of early Christian communities and how they developed into hierarchical churches.

Alessandro Falcetta Born 1971; Associate Professor in Christianity, Religion, Lifeviews and Ethics at the Faculty of Arts and Education, University of Stavanger.


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