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Dominik Rußmann

Erwerb mit Mitteln der Erbschaft

Die rechtsgeschäftliche dingliche Surrogation gemäß §§ 2019 I, 2111 I 1 BGB vor dem Hintergrund des »tracing« im englischen Recht
[Acquisition by Substitution. The Concept of Real Subrogation in German Succession Law in the Light of English Tracing Law.]
2017. XX, 377 pages.
DOI 10.1628/978-3-16-154947-2
Published in German.
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A functioning law of real subrogation has to be able to identify substitute assets even under complex conditions. With the help of English tracing law, Dominik Rußmann develops identification rules for ss. 2019 (1), 2111 (1) of the German Civil Code. The author focuses on issues of property and succession law and how these are tied up with insolvency law. He offers new solutions for a host of problematic and disputed situations.

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