Israel Finkelstein

Essays on Biblical Historiography: From Jeroboam II to John Hyrcanus I

[Aufsätze zu Biblischer Historiographie: Von Jerobeam II. bis Johannes Hyrkanos I.]

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In this volume, Israel Finkelstein studies the world of ancient Israel, including the time-frame for the composition of historiographic texts in the Bible. He discusses key questions such as historical realities behind North Israelite traditions, the impact of Israel on late monarchic Jerusalem, the scope of composition of texts in the Persian period, and the legitimacy needs of the Hasmoneans.
This volume is a collection of articles and new essays by Israel Finkelstein that offers an outline for reconstructing the evolution of biblical historiography over 700 years, starting with Israel in the early eighth century BCE and ending with the days of the Hasmoneans in the late second century BCE. Special emphasis is given to North Israelite traditions which were committed to writing in the days of Jeroboam II; to the arrival of these traditions in Judah after the takeover of Israel by Assyria; to Judahite ideology of the seventh century BCE; and to the legitimacy needs of the Hasmoneans in the days of John Hyrcanus. The analysis is based on the most recent archaeological discoveries, biblical exegesis and ancient Near Eastern records.

Israel Finkelstein Born 1949; Director of excavation at key biblical sites such as Megiddo, Shiloh and Kiriath-jearim; Professor Emeritus of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University.


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