Exegesis and Empire in the Early Byzantine Mediterranean 978-3-16-158678-1 - Mohr Siebeck

Michael Maas

Exegesis and Empire in the Early Byzantine Mediterranean

Junillus Africanus and the Instituta Regularia Divinae Legis
With a contrib. by Edward G. Mathews, Jr.
With the Latin Text Establ. by Heinrich Kihn Transl. by Michael Maas

[Exegese und Kaiserreich im früh-byzantinischen Mittelmeerraum. Junillus Africanus und die Instituta Regularia Divinae Legis.]

unrevised e-book edition 2020; Original edition 2003; 2003. XII, 280 pages.

Studien und Texte zu Antike und Christentum / Studies and Texts in Antiquity and Christianity 17

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ISBN 978-3-16-158678-1
Published in English.
Michael Maas places Junillus' handbook on biblical exegesis in the context of imperial politics and doctrinal debate of his day. Recommended by Cassiodorus, whose monastery copied and preserved much ancient literature, Junillus' treatise went on to be influential during the middle ages in western Europe as a guide for biblical interpretation.
Junillus Africanus served the Byzantine emperor Justinian as chief legal minister from 542 to ca. 549. During this time he composed a treatise on basic principles of biblical exegesis, called the Instituta Regularia Divinae Legis. Michael Maas places Junillus' work in the context of the Three Chapters Controversy, showing that it conformed in every respect to Justinian's version of neo-Chalcedonian orthodoxy and that it bolstered Justinian's claim to be a legitimate interpreter of sacred texts. The authors show that the Instituta had no direct links to the work of Theodore of Mopsuestia and that Junillus' legal training influenced the structure and presentation of the Instituta. Edward G. Mathews' contribution reevaluates Junillus' debt to the school of Nisibis and to the Antiochene exegesis, as well as Junillus' biblical canon. This book reproduces the Latin text and offers a translation into English.

Michael Maas Born 1951; 1973 BA in Classics and Anthropology at Cornell University; 1982 Ph.D. in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology at Berkeley; Professor of History and Director of the Program in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations at Rice University, Houston.


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