Exploring Johannine Ethics 978-3-16-155773-6 - Mohr Siebeck

Lindsey M. Trozzo

Exploring Johannine Ethics

A Rhetorical Approach to Moral Efficacy in the Fourth Gospel Narrative

[Eine Untersuchung Johanneischer Ethik. Moralische Wirksamkeit im Narrativ des Vierten Evangeliums – Eine rhetorische Analyse.]

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Lindsey M. Trozzo considers four rhetorical features — genre, encomiastic topics, metalepsis, and structure — to explore the »problem« of Johannine ethics. She finds that although the Fourth Gospel does not deliver explicit ethical propositions, its moral efficacy is found in the way it powerfully engages the audience in moral deliberation.
Exploring the ways of thinking and living that the narrative in the Gospel of John would likely have engendered Lindsey M. Trozzo utilizes rhetorical analysis to facilitate a fresh approach to the long-standing »problem« of Johannine ethics. She considers four rhetorical features: participation in genre, incorporation of encomiastic topics, metaleptic extension of those topics, and appropriation of structural devices as guides for interpreting the story's narrative and rhetorical trajectory. Each rhetorical feature is defined and situated in its ancient literary context to provide a theoretical framework for discussion. From there, the author explores the presence of the rhetorical feature in the Fourth Gospel. She finds that Johannine ethics engages the audience in moral deliberation rather than delivering explicit ethical propositions. Despite the lack of explicit ethical material in the Fourth Gospel, Exploring Johannine Ethics demonstrates that there is much we can say about John's elusive ethics.

Lindsey M. Trozzo Born 1983; 2006 BA in Biblical and Theological Studies from Biola University; 2008 MA in New Testament from Talbot School of Theology; 2016 PhD in Religion/Biblical Studies from Baylor University; currently holds a Temporary Full Time Lectureship in the Interdisciplinary Core of Baylor University's Honors College (BIC).


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