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Moritz Schularick

Finanzielle Globalisierung in historischer Perspektive

Kapitalflüsse von Reich nach Arm, Investitionsrisiken und globale öffentliche Güter
[Financial Globalization in Historical Perspective. Capital Flows from Rich to Poor, Investment Risks and Global Public Goods.]
2006. XIII, 309 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-148862-7
Is financial globalization good for poor countries? This book shows from the perspective of economic history that financial globalization can in principle make an important contribution to global development. Open capital markets led to textbook-like capital flows from rich to poor in the first era of financial globalization (1880–1914). Yet without proper institutional and monetary foundations, it seems unlikely that financial globalization can once again play an important role for global development.

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