Foreign Investments on Chinese Capital Markets

Enforcement Concepts from a Chinese and German Comparative Perspective
Ed. by Rüdiger Veil and Xujun Gao

[Ausländische Investitionen auf den chinesischen Kapitalmärkten. Durchsetzungsmaßnahmen aus chinesischer und deutscher Perspektive.]

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This volume discusses developments in Chinese stock markets and analyses efforts needed to ensure their integrity and investor protection, in particular by enforcement mechanisms in capital markets law and corporate law. It sheds light on the challenges and experiences in developing China's capital markets and provides further food for thought on possible reforms of Chinese capital markets law.
Over the last decade, Chinese stock markets have developed rapidly. Most importantly, their opening to foreign investment has meant a steady increase in international influence, but also confronted China with a number of challenges in ensuring stable and well-functioning markets. This volume discusses these developments and analyses the efforts needed to secure market integrity and investor protection, particularly through enforcement mechanisms in both capital markets and corporate law. It sheds light on the tasks and experiences met along the way and provides further food for thought on possible reforms of Chinese capital markets law.
Survey of contents
I. Investments on Chinese Capital Markets
Xiang Jian/Chen Yicong: The Process of Opening up the Capital Market in China: Current Practice and Emerging Trends – Steffen Gehring: The Chinese Capital Markets – from a German Institutional Investor's Perspective – Gong Baihua: The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone – An Experimental Field to Understand the Impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in China
II. Enforcement Concepts in Chinese and German Securities Regulation
Su Huchao: Enforcement of Regulatory Powers in Capital Markets: China's Practice and Analysis – Gao Xujun: Internationalization of the Chinese Capital Market and the Improvement of Investor Protection in China – Thomas Höppner: Enforcement by Supervisory Authorities: Concepts and Experiences in Germany – Alma Pekmezovic/Rüdiger Veil: Enforcement of Financial Information in Germany – Anne Gläßner/Manuel Gietzelt/Matthias Casper: Collective Action and Private Enforcement under the German KapMuG – A Comparative Evaluation
III. Enforcement Concepts in Chinese and German Corporate Law – The Role of the Supervisory Board
Klaus J. Hopt: The German Law of and Experience with the Supervisory Board – Guo Li/Matsuo Takayuki: The Chinese Board of Supervisors System: An International Comparison

Rüdiger Veil ist Inhaber des Lehrstuhls für Bürgerliches Recht und Unternehmensrecht und geschäftsführender Direktor des Munich Center for Capital Markets Law (MuCCML) der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.

Xujun Gao is Director of the Sino-German Institute of international Economic law at Tongji University Law School and the Chinese-German College for Postgraduate Studies (CDHK) Shanghai/China.


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