Günter Figal


Das Hermeneutische und die Philosophie

[Objectivity. Philosophy and the Hermeneutical. 2nd revised edition.]

2nd revised edition; 2018. X, 447 pages.
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ISBN 978-3-16-156243-3
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Published in German.
»This book represents one of the very rare successful attempts to rethink in a unitary conceptual frame the most complex philosophical problems in a radically new way.«
F. Filippi in Diotima, 35. Jahrgang 2007, S. 190–191
The phenomenological hermeneutics developed by Günter Figal's in this book has come to occupy a significant position in hermeneutical thinking. By conceiving interpretation and understanding, often regarded as subjective achievements, realistically, the book is and remains strongly provocative. Interpretation is revealed to be an original reference to a subject matter; it is a reference to something that opposes and, as such, poses a challenge that initiates interpretation. Figal accordingly refutes the critique of 'objectification' so common in modern continental thinking. He also shows that hermeneutical experience is merely an intensified mode of human life: life itself is generally dominated by the reference to objects that come to stand in opposition. The hermeneutical dimensions of the world, explained as freedom, language, and time, enable this reference.

Günter Figal Born 1949; 1976 PhD; 1987 Habilitation; 1989–2002 Professor of Philosophy at the University of Tübingen; since 2002 Professor for Philosophy at the University of Freiburg im Breisgau; since 2017 emeritus.


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