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Hugo Preuß

Gesammelte Schriften

Erster bis fünfter Band
Ed. by Lothar Albertin, Detlef Lehnert, Christoph Müller and Dian Schefold
2015. LV, 4078 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-154459-0
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In the history of the German constitution and German democracy, Hugo Preuß has still not been given the place he deserves alongside Otto von Gierke, Georg Jellinek, Max Weber and Hans Kelsen. The collapse of the Weimar Republic, whose constitution was based on a draft he made, overshadowed his life's work.The time has come to increase our awareness of him as an outstanding democratic scholar, as an expert in constitutional and administrative law, as a constitutional historian, political scientist, local politician, journalist and as a politician in Germany and to engage in a serious discussion of his copious work, which is largely unknown.His collected works, which are being published with the support of the German Bundestag, document a 40-year struggle to enable the adaptation of the German constitution to the developments in Western Europe. This was ultimately successful, even though it was belated and was preceded by major catastrophes.