Walter Eucken

Gesammelte Schriften

Band III/1: Briefe 1907–1932
Herausgegeben von Uwe Dathe und Walter Oswalt

[Collected Writings. Letters 1907–1932.]

2023. XXIX, 494 pages.
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Published in German.
With his fundamental insights into the conditions needed for a free economic and social order, Walter Eucken became the founder of ordoliberalism and one of Germany's most influential twentieth century economists. This volume presents a selection of letters from the years 1907 to 1932 that provide new perspectives on the economic, fiscal policy and philosophical debates of the Weimar Republic.
Walter Eucken (1891–1950) was one of the twentieth century's most important economists and the founder of ordoliberalism. The idea behind this new form of liberalism was that the state should ensure a strong regulatory framework for free and fair competition in the economy that powerful economic entities such as cartels and monopolies would not be able to undermine in their favour.
The selected letters from the years 1907 to 1932 bring to light not only many previously unrecorded instances in Eucken's biography as well as important personal and academic relationships, but are also impressive evidence that his intellectual development was the result of both a thorough examination of the economic, philosophical and theological positions of his times and an ability to profoundly analyse topical economic policy problems. The concerns that arose in the timespan covered by this volume's letters included the crisis of ideological orientation following the First World War, socialisation efforts in the aftermath of the November Revolution, hyperinflation and currency reform at the end of 1923, the reparations problem, cartel and customs issues, lack of financial capital, and the acute socio-political challenges precipitated by the outbreak of the Great Depression 1929.

Walter Eucken (1891–1950) Geboren in Jena; Studium der Nationalökonomie, Geschichte und Philosophie in Kiel, Jena und Bonn; 1913 Promotion in Bonn; 1921 Habilitation in Berlin; 1925 Professur an der Universität Tübingen; 1927–50 Professur an der Universität Freiburg; gestorben 1950 in London während einer Vortragsreihe an der London School of Economics.

Uwe Dathe wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an den Universitäten Leipzig, Jena, Braunschweig; 2000–05 DAAD-Lektor an der Taras-Schewtschenko-Universität Kiew/Ukraine; wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an der Thüringer Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Jena.

Walter Oswalt (1959–2018) Geboren in Frankfurt/Main; Sozialphilosoph und Publizist; wissenschaftlicher Leiter des Walter-Eucken-Archivs in Frankfurt und Betreuer des Nachlasses seines Großvaters Walter Eucken.


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