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Friedrich A. von Hayek

Gesammelte Schriften in deutscher Sprache

Abt. A Band 4: Rechtsordnung und Handelnsordnung. Aufsätze zur Ordnungsökonomik
Edited by Manfred E. Streit
[The Legal Order and the Order of Conduct. Essays on the Economic Order. By Friedrich A. von Hayek. Edited by Manfred E. Streit.]
2003. VIII, 212 pages.
Published in German.
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This section of the Collected Works of Friedrich A. von Hayek in the German language contains essays published between 1938 and 1984 on the fundamental questions surrounding the economic order. In this work, Hayek's asic thoughts on the significance of orders and his views of competition as a coordinating mechanism and a factor of order as well as his understanding of individual freedom in the market economy are presented systematically. The semantic categories of order, competition and freedom and their interdependence are made clear. In addition to a history of the editing and the translation of each essay listed here, this volume also contains an index of subjects and of names.