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Friedrich A. von Hayek

Gesammelte Schriften in deutscher Sprache

Abt. B Band 3: Die Verfassung der Freiheit
Edited by Alfred Bosch and Reinhold Veit
[The Constitution of Liberty.]
4th, reviewed edition; 2005. XX, 575 pages.
Published in German.
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In the first part of what is probably his most significant work, Nobel Prize winner Friedrich A. von Hayek provides a comprehensive systematic description of the fundamental principles of a liberal social philosophy which has formed the basis for the development of European civilization in the last centuries. In the second part of the book, the author deals with the origin of the »rule of law« and its significance for safeguarding personal freedom. In the third part, Hayek shows, using relevant examples, how important principles of the »rule of law« have been violated with the emergence of the welfare state and how this could lead to the destruction of personal freedom.