Friedrich A. von Hayek

Gesammelte Schriften in deutscher Sprache

Abt. A Band 1: Wirtschaftstheorie und Wissen. Aufsätze zur Erkenntnis- und Wissenschaftslehre
Herausgegeben von Viktor Vanberg
[Economics and Knowledge.
Epistemological and Methodological Essays.
2007. VIII, 231 pages.
DOI 10.1628/978-3-16-162254-0
Published in German.
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Originally published between 1936 and 1982, the articles collected in this volume deal with epistemological and methodological issues. Here, F.A. Hayek develops ideas that are at the core of his entire work and that play an essential role as theoretical foundations of his economics and social philosophy. They are concerned with the central role of rules in cognition, knowledge, and action, with the pretence of knowledge in constructivist attempts at social planning, and with the explanatory scope of social science as a theory of complex phenomena. The volume includes a name index and a subject index.