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Karl R. Popper

Gesammelte Werke in deutscher Sprache

Herausgegeben von William Warren Bartley, III, Troels Eggers Hansen, Herbert Keuth, Hubert Kiesewetter, Manfred Lube und Hans J. Niemann
[Gesammelte Werke in deutscher Sprache.]
2022. 7983 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-160959-6
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This set contains all of the volumes of von Karl R. Popper, Gesammelte Werke in deutscher Sprache.

The purpose of this edition is stated exactly in the title: It is a collection of works and writings which Karl Popper himself regarded as completed and which to a large extent has been left in the publication contexts which he specified. Thus the collections of essays as compiled by Popper himself have in principle been retained, but duplications have been avoided and adaptations to the English editions have been made in those places where these were continued.