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Gespräch über Jesus

Papst Benedikt XVI. im Dialog mit Martin Hengel, Peter Stuhlmacher und seinen Schülern in Castelgandolfo 2008
Im Auftrag der Joseph Ratzinger Papst Benedikt XVI.-Stiftung hrsg. v. Peter Kuhn
[Pope Benedict XVI in a Dialogue with Martin Hengel, Peter Stuhlmacher and His Students in Castelgandolfo 2008. On Behalf of the Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI Foundation.]
2010. IX, 137 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-150441-9
In 2008, the two New Testament scholars Martin Hengel and Peter Stuhlmacher were invited to a conference in Castelgandolfo which Pope Benedict XVI holds each year with a group of former assistants and former students. Martin Hengel spoke on »The Historical Quest for Jesus of Nazareth,« Peter Stuhlmacher on »The Self-Sacrifice of Jesus.« Following the presentations there was a lively discussion in Castelgandolfo, a discussion which was of a candid, ecumenical nature and to which the Pope as well made a significant contribution.