Gero Fuchs

Gewinn als Umbruch der Ordnung?

Der Fall des Siegburger Töpfers Peter Knütgen im 16. Jahrhundert
[Breaking the System with Profit? The Sixteenth Century Case of the Siegburg Potter Peter Knütgen.]
2019. XV, 195 pages.
DOI 10.1628/978-3-16-156853-4
Published in German.
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Why would an artisan be barred from selling his skillfully produced wares for a profit? The Siegburg potter Peter Knütgen faced just this scenario in 1560 when his guild accused him of bagging large profits to the detriment of common economic aims. Gero Fuchs explains why the powers-that-were felt it so important to nip the potter's business acumen in the bud.

Rechtsordnung und Wirtschaftsgeschichte (ROWG)