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Globalisiertes Wirtschaften und nationale Wirtschaftspolitik
Herausgegeben von Theresia Theurl u. Christian Smekal
[Globalization. Globalized Economics and National Economic Policy. Edited by Theresia Theurl and Christian Smekal.]
2001. X, 303 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-147482-8
The literature on the perceived vices and virtues of globalization is extensive and contradictory. The goal of this book is to document the process of global integration and to assess its effects on economic policy and on the nation states. Is there a negative relationship between globalization and the nation states' ability to conduct independent economic policy? There is a growing divergence between the political areas and economic areas of particular markets. Economic problems that were formerly national ones are turning into international ones. The authors deal with possible policy responses to the challenges posed by these developments.