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William Furley / Jan M. Bremer

Greek Hymns

Band 2: A Selection of Greek religious poetry from the Archaic to the Hellenistic period

[Greek Hymns. Band 2: A Selection of Greek religious poetry from the Archaic to the Hellenistic period]

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William Furley Born 1953; 1979 PhD; since 2003 Associate Professor of Classics, University of Heidelberg; Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Classical Studies (School of Advanced Studies), London.

Jan M. Bremer Born 1932; studied Classics at Amsterdam and at Cambridge (Jesus College); 1969 Ph.D. Amsterdam. From 1968 Assistant Professor, 1976–1996 full Professor of Greek Literature at the University of Amsterdam. From 1986–99 member, then chairman of the comité scientifique of the Fondation Hardt, Geneva. Guest professorships in the USA (Brown, Providence; Columbia, New York), in Hungary (Budapest) and Poland (Lublin).


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