Handbook of Neo-Punic Inscriptions 978-3-16-149303-4 - Mohr Siebeck
Religious Studies

Karel Jongeling

Handbook of Neo-Punic Inscriptions

[Handbuch der neopunischen Inschriften.]

2008. XXIII, 435 pages.
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ISBN 978-3-16-149303-4
Published in English.
Karel Jongeling presents a complete edition of all Neo-Punic inscriptions. It includes a scholarly commentary to the readings presented, drawings of different inscriptions, indices and a glossary of names.
This monograph presents all the neo-Punic texts which have been published up to now. The author also mentions those texts which are difficult or even unreadable. The intention of the work is to give an overview of these texts, which in many instances were published in less accessible journals or other editions, for everyone working in this or adjacent fields: Northwest-Semitic epigraphy, North-African society in the Roman period and also Old Testament studies. The short commentary on each text gives information about the reading adhered to by the editor and also about readings proposed by others in order to give the reader the chance to judge for himself. In several instances, the author proposes new readings. As the readings and the meaning of the texts form the basis of this edition, it will also be useful for scholars working on Semitic linguistics in general.

Karel Jongeling Born 1947; studied Semitic languages in Groningen; 1984 PhD., lecturer of Northwest-Semitics in Leiden.


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