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Thomas Olechowski

Hans Kelsen

Biographie eines Rechtswissenschaftlers
Unter Mitarbeit von Jürgen Busch, Tamara Ehs, Miriam Gassner und Stefan Wedrac

[Hans Kelsen. Biography of a Legal Scientist.]

2020. XXIII, 1027 pages.
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ISBN 978-3-16-159293-5
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Published in German.
The present biography traces the life of the legal philosopher Hans Kelsen (1881–1973), the »architect« of the Federal Constitutional Law of 1920, which is still in force in Austria until today. Kelsen is also world-renowned as the founder of the Pure Theory of Law.
Thomas Olechowski's biography traces the remarkable life of Hans Kelsen (1881–1973), arguably the twentieth century's most important legal scholar and philosopher. Kelsen's journey through life took him from Czechoslovakia to Austria, Germany and Switzerland, before coming to a close in Berkeley, California. Along the way, he was to witness the final years of the Habsburg Monarchy, the rise of Austro-Marxism, the founding of the Republic of Austria and its collapse in the face of anti-democratic forces, the ascent of anti-Semitism and the onslaught of National Socialism, two world wars, the Nuremberg trials, and the reorganization of central Europe. All these momentous events were reflected in and shaped Kelsen's influential scholarly work, which, following his emigration to the United States in 1940, he pursued at Harvard Law School before moving on to the University of Berkeley. Against this backdrop, the jurist developed his world-renowned Pure Theory of Law, which set out a basis for modern constitutional jurisdiction aimed at cleansing jurisprudence of all political ideology and elements of natural science in order to bring it as close as possible to the ideals of objectivity and precision. As a staunch supporter of parliamentary democracy and the »architect« of 1920's Austrian Constitution – still in force in the country today – the enduring validity of Kelsen's work is also reflected in the fact that it has so far been translated into over 30 languages.

Thomas Olechowski Geboren 1973; Studium der Rechtswissenschaften an der Universität Wien; 1998 Promotion; 2003 Habilitation; seit 2019 Professor an der Universität Wien; wirkliches Mitglied der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften; Obmann der Kommission für Rechtsgeschichte Österreichs; seit 2011 Geschäftsführer der Bundesstiftung »Hans Kelsen-Institut".

Jürgen Busch ist Leiter des Bereiches Geistes-, Sozial- und Gesundheitswissenschaften der Ludwig Boltzmann-Gesellschaft und Lehrbeauftragter an den Universitäten Wien und Brünn.

Tamara Ehs ist selbständige Beraterin für Demokratieinnovationen, politische Bildnerin, Lehrbeauftragte an der Universität Wien sowie Mitarbeiterin der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.

Miriam Gassner ist Notarsubstitutin in Wien und Lehrbeauftragte an der Universität Wien.

Stefan Wedrac ist Universitätsassistent (postDoc) an der Universität Wien.


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