Hermeneutics and Negativism

Existential Ambiguities of Self-Understanding
Ed. by Claudia Welz and René Rosfort

[Hermeneutik und Negativität. Existentielle Ambiguitäten des Selbstverstehens.]

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In an interdisciplinary dialogue between philosophical anthropology, phenomenology, theology, psychoanalysis, and psychiatry, the present volume explores existential questions regarding anxiety, despair, and freedom in suggesting a negativistic approach to ambiguities of human self-understanding and self-alienation.
This volume explores existential questions within the following three thematic fields: first, experiences of anxiety and despair as related to the question of what these phenomena show about freedom and its difficulties; second, hermeneutical theories as related to the question of how we can develop an existential hermeneutics that can account for the ambiguities of self-understanding between transparency and opacity, and, third, selfhood between self-understanding and self-alienation as a focal point of existential psycho(patho)logy. What can disturbances to or breakdowns in self-understanding teach us about personhood? Making visible one's own blindness by articulating the shadows of our knowledge and abilities is at the core of a negativistic approach to existential questions discussed in a dialogue between philosophical anthropology, phenomenology, theology, psychoanalysis, and psychiatry.
Survey of contents
Claudia Welz/René Rosfort: Introduction: A Negativistic Approach to Existential Hermeneutics – Stefano Micali: Anxiety between Dialectics and Phenomenology – René Rosfort: Kierkegaard and the Problem of Ethics – Mads Peter Karlsen: The Past 'Has' Us Before We 'Have' It: Inheriting Hereditary Sin? – Emil Angehrn: Self-Understanding and Self-Deception: Between Existential Hermeneutics and Negativism – Carsten Pallesen: The Single Individual as the Single Individual: A Response to Subjektivitet og negativitetHans-Christoph Askani: In Quest for Identity: The Self as (a) Stranger to Himself – Ingolf U. Dalferth: Self-Alienation: Self, Finitude and Estrangement – George Pattison: The Grace of Time: Towards a Kataphatic Theology of Time – Ettore Rocca: Analogy and Negativism – Günter Bader: From Alphabet to Poem: On a Parenthesis in Sigmund Freud's On AphasiaSonja Frohoff: Between Self-Alienation and Self-Recovery: Artworks of the Prinzhorn Collection – Helene Stephensen/Josef Parnas: Schizophrenia, Subjectivity and Self-Alienation – Borut Škodlar: Anxiety and Despair: Experiences from the Negativity of Disturbed Selfhood in Schizophrenia – Claudia Welz: Self-Knowledge and Self-Deception: Existential Hermeneutics and Psychoanalysis

Claudia Welz Born 1974; studied theology and philosophy in Tübingen, Jerusalem, Munich and Heidelberg; PhD and habilitation at the Institute for Hermeneutics and Philosophy of Religion, University of Zurich; since 2010 Professor of Systematic Theology with special responsibilities in Ethics and Philosophy and Religion, and since 2014 Director of the Center for the Study of Jewish Thought in Modern Culture at the Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen.

René Rosfort Born 1975; studied theology in Copenhagen and Florence; 2008 PhD; currently Associate Professor of Ethics and Philosophy of Religion at the Søren Kierkegaard Research Center, Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen.


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