Herodian Judaism and New Testament Study 978-3-16-148877-1 - Mohr Siebeck

William Horbury

Herodian Judaism and New Testament Study

[Herodianisches Judentum und Studien zum Neuen Testament.]

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Published in English.
William Horbury examines ancient Judaism and Christian origins, and includes a survey of modern British New Testament scholarship in its international setting. He pays special attention to links with work on classical and Jewish traditions.
This book presents a selection of William Horbury's recent essays. Those collected in Part I seek to trace the profile of Herodian Jewish piety, its Greek and Roman setting, and its reflection in Christianity. Monotheism, mysticism, perceptions of Moses and the Temple are all considered in this way, and a Jewish context for the term 'gospel' and the institution of 'the Lord's Supper' is suggested. Part II treats modern New Testament study, with special attention to its links with study of the classical and Jewish traditions, and a survey on British study in its international setting.
Survey of contents
Part I: Jewish and Christian Piety
1. Jewish and Christian Monotheism in the Herodian Age
2. Moses and the Covenant in the Assumption of Moses and the Pentateuch
3. The Books of Solomon in Ancient Mysticism
4. Der Tempel bei Vergil und im herodianischen Judentum
5.'Gospel' in Herodian Judaea
6. Cena Pura and Lord's Supper

Part II: Modern New Testament Study
7. Briths New Testament Study in its International Setting (1902–2002)
8. Rabbinic Literature in New Testament Interpretation

William Horbury is Professor of Jewish and Early Christian Studies at the Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge, UK.


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